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Rock Creek Montessori School follows the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori. It recognizes the child’s need to learn academic skills, observe the environment, do independent work and cooperate in a community.

The goal of the school is to enable children to follow their greatest interest while learning about the world immediately around them. The classrooms will allow children to be discoverers in the learning process. Each activity is designed to teach a specific concept. The teacher will present materials and allow each child to proceed at their own pace.

As a fundamental part of Montessori theory, the classrooms include multi-age children. This allows them to learn from and share with each other. The younger ones develop confidence with new skills while observing the more challenging activities of their classmates. The older children gain self-confidence by serving as role models and leaders.

The Montessori classroom is:

  • Purposefully prepared environment

  • Learner centered

  • Developmentally appropriate

  • Equipped with self-correcting materials meant to engage young learners

We encourage children to:

  • Explore and discover
  • Work independently at their own pace
  • Develop a sense of mastery and accomplishment

The Montessori teacher is:

  • Child advocate who respects each child’s individuality
  • Facilitator who strives to educate the whole child while cultivating a student’s natural desire to learn